Teaching Preschool and Spinning: The Similarities and Differences

Actress and Teacher Dayna Schaaf

1. I am constantly active at both jobs. My preschoolers keep me active by chasing me around the room—or vice versa and Spinning is a tough workout!

2. Both jobs require mutual respect to have a successful class.


3. Both are fun and exciting; there is never a dull moment with kids (they really do say the darnedest things) and I’m not stuck behind a desk from 9:00am-5:00pm.

4. Both allow creative expression. I develop my own lesson plans and activities for my preschoolers and create new and exciting bike journeys for Spinning.

5. Both allow me to develop personal relationships with my students and watch them grow which is the best part!


1. Despite the physicality of teaching preschoolers (it really is like trying to herd cats at times) it doesn’t build muscle or burn calories whereas Spinning does.

2. My Spinning students are far more interested in my diet and nutrition tips than my preschool classes are.

3. I can teach preschoolers about respecting themselves, peers and teachers; if my Spinning students lack this trait, there isn’t much I can do.

4. Teaching preschool exercises the mind, whereas Spinning exercises the body.

5. Let’s be honest, it can be pretty stressful caring for a bunch of screaming children every day. Spinning takes my mind off of the stress and is a nice therapeutic escape.

For more information on Schaaf’s other passion, acting, see www.daynaschaaf.com



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