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Top 4 Party Boat Rentals in San Diego

Here’s a rundown of the top 4 party boat rentals that will elevate any event to an unforgettable experience:

Alana Yacht Rental: A Detailed Overview

Alana Yacht Rental is known as Mission Bay’s newest and largest power catamaran, bringing a fresh and exciting option for those looking to host up to 40 guests on the water. With a custom 40-foot Coral Island design, Alana stands out by offering both ticketed Mission Bay cruises and private yacht rentals, making it a versatile party boat rental. 

What Makes Alana Unique?

Capacity: Unlike many yachts in San Diego that can only accommodate up to 12 passengers due to Coast Guard regulations, Alana is approved for up to 40 guests. This larger capacity is coupled with comprehensive amenities including a liquor-licensed bar, modern bathrooms, and state-of-the-art entertainment and safety equipment​ (Alana Yacht Rental)​.

Amenities: Every charter includes a certified captain, crew, and a bartender to enhance your experience. The yacht features seating around both the forward and aft decks, and a fully stocked bar serving a variety of drinks​ 

Cruising Options: Alana offers flexibility with its cruising options. For private rentals, the yacht can be booked from 2-8 hours, with pricing starting at $450/hr for up to 25 guests and $550/hr for up to 40 guests. Meanwhile, ticketed bay cruises are available Wednesday through Sunday at three different times throughout the day, making it easy to find a slot that fits your schedule

Planning Your Event with Alana Booking with Alana is straightforward, with only a 20% deposit required to secure your reservation. Their team offers assistance in planning the details of your event, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed day cruise or a lively private party, Alana Yacht Rental is equipped to deliver an exceptional time on the water

For those interested in exploring Mission Bay in style, Alana Yacht Rental offers a modern, well-equipped option that sets itself apart with its larger capacity and inclusive amenities. Whether you opt for a private rental or join a ticketed cruise, Alana promises an enjoyable and seamless experience on the waters of San Diego.

Triton Charters: A Comprehensive Overview

Triton Charters emerges as a standout option in San Diego for those seeking a large, modern catamaran experience. With the capacity to welcome up to 100 guests, it’s the go-to for sizable gatherings, be they corporate events, large birthday celebrations, or weddings.

What Sets Triton Apart?

Capacity and Features: As the largest catamaran in San Diego, Triton caters to a substantial number of guests without compromising on comfort or luxury. This party boat includes amenities like a dance floor, a waterslide for private charters, outdoor seating, two restrooms, and a modern décor throughout the vessel​.

Service and Amenities: Every yacht rental with Triton includes a captain, crew, and a bartender, ensuring a high level of service throughout your event. A notable aspect of Triton Charters is its ability to customize experiences, offering add-ons like jet skis, electric surfboards, and even jetpacks for the thrill-seekers among your guests​

Pricing: Triton’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate different group sizes with rates varying based on the day of the week and the number of guests. This flexibility allows for a tailored experience that can fit various budgets​ (Triton Charters)​.

Booking and Planning with Triton Securing a charter with Triton requires a 10% deposit, with the remaining balance due 72 hours before the charter date. Their team offers a white-glove planning service for events, making it easier to organize the details of your party or gathering. Given Triton’s popularity, especially during peak seasons, booking well in advance is recommended to secure your preferred date​ 

For those looking to host a memorable event on the water with a large group of guests, Triton Charters provides a luxurious and adaptable option that promises an exceptional and enjoyable experience.

Malarky Charters: Your Go-To for Intimate Gatherings

Malarky Charters offers a personalized and cozy boating experience for groups up to 12 people, making it perfect for smaller gatherings, family outings, or intimate celebrations like proposals and bachelorette parties.

Why Choose Malarky?

Boat and Capacity: The Malarky is a 47-foot catamaran rental equipped with a full kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ample outdoor space, including a trampoline at the bow for those wanting a bit of fun on the water​ 

Amenities and Services: Despite its smaller size, Malarky doesn’t skimp on the extras. The charter includes friendly and experienced staff, and guests have access to thrilling add-ons such as jet skis and jetpacks, similar to what you’d find with larger charters like Triton​ 

Pricing and Convenience: Malarky offers a more affordable option for those looking to enjoy San Diego Bay. Its pricing is competitive, especially considering the level of service and the range of amenities provided. The BYOB policy allows for a customizable and budget-friendly dining and drinking experience​ Planning Your Event with Malarky

Booking with Malarky is straightforward, and their team is noted for providing superior customer service, making guests feel like family. With its focus on creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, Malarky Charters is ideal for those who prefer a more personal boating experience that still want a party boat rental. 

Whether you’re planning a small get-together or a special occasion, Malarky Charters offers a unique and memorable way to experience San Diego’s waters with your closest friends and family.

Each of these charters brings something unique to the table: Triton for large, luxurious gatherings and Malarky for intimate, personalized experiences. Depending on your event size, budget, and preferences, either could offer the perfect setting for your next water-bound celebration.

Aquata Charters: A Detailed Overview

Aquata Charters offers a dynamic and exhilarating speed boat rental experience with its 2022 37′ Axopar Cross Cabin Boat, positioning itself as a premier choice for those seeking both thrills and relaxation on the water in San Diego, CA. Whether you’re looking to calmly cruise through Mission Bay and San Diego Bay or prefer to feel the rush at speeds of up to 55mph, Aquata Charters blends speed with luxury and comfort, making it an exceptional option for up to 11 guests as a party boat rental.


What Sets Aquata Apart?

Flexibility and Speed: Aquata distinguishes itself with the option for guests to tailor their experience to either a chill cruise or an adrenaline-filled adventure, reaching speeds of over 55mph thanks to its powerful 2 x 300 Horsepower outboard engines. This flexibility ensures a customizable outing, whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement​

Modern Amenities and Comfort: Despite its capability for high speed, the Aquata does not compromise on luxury and comfort. The boat features a salon-style bedroom, bathroom, and both forward and aft lounge areas for socializing and relaxing. An electronic sunroof and panoramic glass views provide a comfortable haven with ice-cold air conditioning for those seeking shade from the sun​(Aquata Charters)​.

Unique Features and Add-Ons: Aquata comes equipped with unique features like the Gullwing Door for easy access to the cabin, sociable seating areas, and a versatile aft-deck. To enhance the enjoyment, guests can opt for thrilling add-ons such as trampolines, paddleboards, and Lily Pads, making every journey with Aquata Charters an adventure to remember

Planning Your Event with Aquata

Booking with Aquata Charters is streamlined and user-friendly, with a focus on customer choice and satisfaction. The charter does not include a captain as standard; guests have the flexibility to select their own Coast Guard Certified captain during the booking process. 

Aquata Charters redefines the boating experience in San Diego by combining high-speed thrills with the elegance and amenity of luxury yachts. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate getaway, or simply a day out with family and friends, Aquata provides a versatile and memorable backdrop for any occasion​

Choosing a party boat rental in San Diego should be a little easier now that you have information regarding size of your party, type of boat, and what occasion to rent a party boat for!

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