NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik to be Honored at Samohi

NASA Astronaut and Santa Monica High School graduate Col. Randy Bresnik conducted an
Earth-to-space call for students last October during his mission at the International Space
Station. Bresnik is home from his mission and will be on the Samohi campus on Friday, April 20, 2018 to conduct three assemblies for students, be honored by local elected officials and be inducted into the Samohi Hall of Fame.

Bresnik, having graduated from the Santa Monica High School class of 1985, quite literally launched his life towards a distinguished career in the Marines as a naval test pilot and landed at NASA as an astronaut. He has flown a shuttle mission, repaired the International Space Station (ISS) on six different space walks and most recently was the Commander of the International Space Station Mission 53, returning to earth December 14, 2017 having spent over 138 days in space. While aboard the ISS, Col. Bresnik answered questions from our Samohi, JAMS, and Grant students (his pathway!) via a live downlink continuing his commitment to Samohi students and his loyalty to Santa Monica. He is a proud Viking.

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Randy Bresnik.