City of Malibu Releases Statement About PCH Traffic Disruptions Due to Crosswalk Project Near Malibu Pier

For the past two weeks, construction work on a project to install a new crosswalk on PCH just east of Malibu Pier has caused traffic backups on PCH. Residents are understandably frustrated by the additional traffic congestion. However, some incorrect information about the project has been propagating on social media in response to frustration about the traffic, so we want to offer some clarifying facts:

  • The project is being carried out by contractors working for the Malibu Beach Inn.


  • The hotel was mandated by the California Coastal Commission to install the crosswalk as well as a beach stairway to improve public beach access.

  • The project was permitted by Caltrans.

  • The City of Malibu was not required to permit the project.

  • The City did announce the lane closures for construction work as part of the City’s regular community service of announcing lane closures and other traffic disruptions that impact mobility in Malibu.

  • The crosswalk is meant to improve safety for pedestrians crossing the highway at a very busy section of PCH to access the popular beach and Pier area.

  • To receive notifications by text message or email about lane closures, emergencies, and other issues that impact mobility in Malibu, please sign up for the City’s traffic alerts at (log in or create a new profile, and scroll down to “Traffic Alerts”). To access the City’s traffic hotline, call 310-456-9982. Traffic information is available on the City’s website at and on the City’s social media.
Traffic on the PCH.