Complexity and Careful Composition: Lora Schlesinger Gallery Debuts New Exhibit Featuring Works of Tom Krumpak

“Mid-Air,” acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24”.

By Sam Skopp

On Saturday, January 13, the Lora Schlesinger Gallery, located in unit B5b at Bergamot Station, began showing an exhibit featuring the works of Tom Krumpak, titled:

Peripheral thought


house photo word movie paint

singular color

The exhibit, with a title in haiku form, is a solo exhibition, featuring a series of paintings by Krumpak that take influence from a variety of different mediums.

“Krumpak’s paintings are highly complex, inspired by architectural design, jazz, his artist studio, and color. Though at first glance his compositions seems random, he carefully plans the composition of the works to and does not repeat a color in the entire series,” said gallery owner Lora Schlesinger.

Krumpak’s abstract works are broadly inspired by the relationship between modern architecture and Japanese shoji dwellings, which are traditional spaces with tatami mats and sliding bamboo doors. They shapes that make up the abstractions are drawn from a wide range of objects and ideas, listed in full in his artist statement.

They include “stacked books, magazines, vintage screenplays (and their multi language translations), wholesale hardware catalogues, song lyric sheets, poetry, previous paintings, collected rocks, seashells, driftwood, children’s toys, momentary groupings of paint cans, brushes in use, random patterns found on mixing palettes, marks and splashes left on tables, floors or on the artists clothing, sounds that drift in the window.”

Krumpak has exhibited works around the world since 1976, and has worked as a professor at California State University Long Beach since 1983. He has exhibited at the Lora Schlesinger Gallery before, beginning with a solo exhibition in December, 2015.

The exhibit will remain on display through February 17th. For more information on both the exhibit and the Lora Schlesinger Gallery, visit

“Mid-Air,” acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24”.
“Studio/House,” acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36”.
“Scroll #3,” acrylic on cloth bordered rice paper, 46 x 12-1/4”.