Through the Lense: New Photo Exhibit Unveiled

Photos: Sam Skopp

By Sam Skopp


The Duncan Miller Gallery, located in Unit A7 at Bergamot Station, recently opened new group show, featuring the works of 12 of the 20 photographers featured on, which is an offshoot of the project. This is the second time CollectorWorks has hosted a group show at the Duncan Miller Gallery.


“It’s a special online project,” said Gallery Director Daniel Miller. “Artists that do really well [on] get invited to this CollectorWorks group.”

Your Daily Photograph is a program through which photography collectors can subscribe to a daily newsletter, read by collectors all over the world, offering a number of different photographs for sale. They remain on sale at a special price for 24 hours, or until purchased by one of the newsletter subscribers.

“Any artist can contribute to it. About 3,400 artists contribute in about 80 countries,” said Miller.

The photographers invited to be a part of CollectorWorks are the ones who have become particularly popular with the collectors subscribed to Your Daily Photograph. While the participating photographers are from all over the world, of the 12 on display in this new exhibit, seven are local and were in attendance at the exhibit’s opening.

“In this particular show, Patrick Gonzales is the only one from outside the US,” said Miller, explaining that Gonzales is based on France.

For more information about the CollectorWorks program, visit and for more information about the current and upcoming exhibits at the Duncan Miller gallery, visit

Photos: Sam Skopp


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