Trends in Real Estate

By Ron Wynn


You have choices and depending on the ratio of supply to demand, you may be able to easily sell “as is” even if you have disclosures deferred and necessary repairs. It really depends on the market and how much demand there is for a home like yours.


In a market with low inventory and very high demand, fixer uppers may sell for as much as a “move in ready” house, if a move in ready house is not available the same week your home hits the market.

When the market softens and inventory is growing, you may need to make repairs to be competitive. The most important issues are water intrusion and drainage issues, mold, dry rot, leaking or ready to leak roofs, cracked chimneys, structural and foundation issues, and fire hazard, electrical and heating issues.

Call an intelligent real estate agent to discuss repairs before moving forward with any.

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