Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office Reaches Conviction in Sexual Assault Case

Metro Downtown Santa Monica Station steps.

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office successfully secured a conviction against Antonio Rivera for sexual battery on the Metro Expo light rail train. By taking the case to trial and securing a conviction, Mr. Rivera will be subject to a mandatory ten-year registration under California law as a sex offender. Mr. Rivera had previously been charged with a similar offense in another Los Angeles County jurisdiction, but had avoided the penalty of sex registration by pleading to a lesser charge.

“The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office will vigorously prosecute criminal harassment and battery of women, children, and any vulnerable victim on the train or wherever it occurs,” said Chief Deputy Terry L. White.

The evidence presented at trial, by Deputy City Attorney Meryl Chambers, showed that Mr. Rivera boarded the Metro train at the 17thStreet station in Santa Monica on June 20, 2017. After sitting next to the 16-year-old victim, he proceeded to inappropriately touch and grope her. The victim notified law enforcement authorities and following an investigation, the City Attorney’s Office charged Mr. Rivera with violating Penal Code section 243.4 (sexual battery). Sentencing was carried out on November 1.


If you are a victim of sexual harassment or violence, or a crime of any kind, we encourage you to contact the Santa Monica Police Department by calling either 9-1-1 (in any emergency) or 310-458-8491.

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The 10 bike racks provided by Metro at the Downtown Santa Monica station.