A Month of Fun, Everyday

Starting at the New Year, L.A. residents began working daily on works of art throughout the month of January as part of Fun-A-Day, a nationwide movement of sorts that was brought to the greater Los Angeles area by husband and wife team Richard Hecht and Amy Bauer.


Outside of working on their art project every day in the month of January, Fun-A-Day LA participants were invited to congregate at the Camera Obscura Art Lab once a week to work communally or discuss their projects in a collaborative environment.

On Saturday February 11, Fun-a-Day LA held a showcase of the works created by participants at the Camera Obscura Art Lab, with works on display including knitted blankets, paintings, board game cards and more.

“We stuck to everything we said we were going do,” said Bauer.

Some participants created a new work every day, like Hecht, whose final work included a face for each day of the month, while others spent the time contributing to a larger project one day at a time, like Mary Beth Trautwein, whose final work was a blanket.

“I was excited that other people were working on other things at the same time,” said Trautwein.

Barb Noren spent her month of January creating resource cards for a board game she had been working on during a longer period of time, which was displayed alongside the cards she created specifically as part of the Fun-A-Day project. Her game is centered on the Maker Movement and includes real locations of maker spaces on its gameboard.

“It’s really great motivation to get through a project that can be a lot of work,” said Noren.

As well as showcasing everyone’s works, Saturday’s event included tap dancing, a musical performance (by a participant who wrote a new song every day), refreshments and more.

For more information about upcoming events at the Camera Obscura Art Lab, visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/1450Ocean.




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