Kreation Kafe Juices Angelenos Up

It’s a post-card-like day when I belly up to Kreation Juicery’s grand opening. The affable Ryan serves up shot glass size samples of juices which boast all sorts of vitamins, minerals and other healthful ingredients.

The menu of cold-pressed juices includes custom juices mixed fresh and designed to treat what ails you; digestion, skin, brain and the like. There are also a tasty array of smoothies and bowls which mix up Kreation’s vegan ice cream along with a melange of fresh pressed juices. And for those who want to boost themselves up with a shot, there are super-shots of wheatgrass, E-3 live algae and others. For those who want to hydrate with water instead of juices, Kreation offers “better than water” waters which are infused with lemon, lavender, peppermint, chlorophyll and other bonuses.

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