Gerard Buttler Says It is All about Sex

I believe that this is a statement most of us agree with: men or women, younger or older, for better or worse, – mostly worse!

Unspoiled by the media, fresh out of the oven, Gerard Butler is still the guy women fantasize about, – for better or worse, – mostly worse, like his bad boy character in The Ugly Truth.
Yet, he preservers a charm that is irresistible.

But what makes him charming beyond belief is the fact that he really is like the guy next door. If there was an “America’s Sweet Heart†for a man who is everything but American he would actually get the title. It is a little bit like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Price. Except Gerard has a movie or two coming out every month. That is work!


Butler, while prolific with a number of hits lately, still remains humble off set or on. First revealed in Zack Snyder’s 300 as the six-packed Leonidas, he is just as physically imposing as his character, but the impish look in his eyes gives way to a boyish quality.

The Glaswegian, who once trained to be a lawyer, is Hollywood’s hottest ticket right now. Unstoppable, ambitious and a very funny bad boy; deep down he is just like my dream guy, – and I have a sneaky suspicion that most women would agree with me on this one.

While it is all about sex is it not all sex. When it comes to work, and filming in a sticky, hot Manhattan day for The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston, he explains he chose the movie because “it was a great concept and a great excuse for a lot of epic, kick-ass action and at the same time, leaning into a world that was more dubious and that can really make you think about the future and where we’re headed, especially in terms of gaming and technology.â€
Some of the subjects he studied had a complete addiction to video games. “Even the producer, David Scott Rubin, told me, ‘Come and watch my son,’ Butler says. “I could tell it was a real point of contention between him and his kid as to just how much time his kid spent playing video games. “

As we turn toward the other project in which he co-produced, there is more openness about the real world of movie making. For Gerard Butler is not only an actor, whoops…I meant to say, movie star, but also a hands-on filmmaker.
While he can do action and comedies, and most things in between, Hollywood would not see he could actually do it all. So, the response from Butler was a thriller coming out, titled – Law Abiding Citizen- that Butler co-produced. He is pretty proud of playing the antagonist, which was a chance for him to climb into something, “completely different†– from all other rolls that are typically offered him, besides producing as well. “I choose my roles on the basis on what challenges me and where I feel like going at that particular time. There’s a general career plan, but more than anything, it’s just to keep making good movies both large and small, funny and sad and thought-provoking and exciting, and anything that it can offer me that I think I want to do – interesting characters, interesting plots and climb into completely different worlds and universes and keep it exciting for myself, and hopefully others,†he sais.

While it is not appropriate to ask personal questions, with this very personable Scottish hunk it is tempting to find out if he is looking for a significant other.
“I wouldn’t say I’m looking for a wife but, yeah, it would be nice to get into a more serious relationship.â€
How important is it really to have a [wife] when one works all the time? Is it because you’re turning 40 and everybody is telling you, you need to settle down?

“No,†he says. “I mean, I would love to be [married], but it’s not something that‘s eating away at me in a huge way because I love what I’m doing right now and I love my life. But there’s definitely times when I think, ‘Oh, it would be good to have a more serious partner.’â€
As we get further into the pitfalls of our times, he concludes that despite all appearances women actually made the plot:
“You know what honey?†he says quoting a modern dominatrix, “I’m not looking for love either. Let’s just have some fun. Let’s enjoy the more physical sensations and shorter emotional attachments.â€

I cannot really argue with that. Sadly or not, he is right in concluding that this is just how we live our lives nowadays. So, it is really not the bad boy image anymore as much as the female emancipation, a controversial topic that steers up the critique in me and launches a range of emotions.

Butler comes to the rescue: “But what’s cool is that at the end of the day love is what is important and that, despite our differences, [between men and women] we are essentially the same. At the end of the day, the chemistry thing is what is most important. It isn’t all just about beauty. It’s about something more substantial than that.â€
In other words ladies: Gerard Butler, does not have a type!