Left Turn Signal Added at Culver Loop

A new left-turn signal at the Culver Loop may reduce congestion near the Ballona Wetlands the City of Los Angeles hopes. Photo: Courtesy.

City hoping to reduce congestion near Ballona Wetlands

By Keldine Hull

As part of Councilmember Mike Bonin’s Westside Fast Forward initiative to improve mobility around the Westside, a new left-turn signal was added at the Culver Loop. The Culver Loop connects Del Rey to Playa Vista and Westchester at Lincoln Boulevard.


“Before installing this left turn signal, drivers heading west on Culver Boulevard could only turn right onto northbound Lincoln Boulevard, forcing them to travel an additional 1.5 miles to make a legal U-turn so they could head south on Lincoln Boulevard towards Playa Vista and Westchester,” said Bonin in a Facebook post.

According to Bonin, the new signal will help to reduce congestion near the ecologically sensitive Ballona Wetlands. “It also greatly improves safety for impatient drivers and creates a better driving experience for those who use the road often to get to work or take their children to school,” Bonin added. “I am grateful for the LADOT crew who completed this critical project, and excited to improve road safety and connect Westside neighborhoods.”