Dinosaurs, Magic and Blue Whales on the Westside?

Dinosaurs roam the earth in Dreamscape’s Alien Zoon experience. Photo: Dreamscape.

Dreamscape Immersive brings virtual reality to Century City.

By Keldine Hull

Westfield Century City continues to redefine what malls are and establish itself as a destination with the upcoming launch of Dreamscape Immersive, a 360-degree full sensory virtual reality experience unlike any other. Backed by Hollywood heavyweights 21st Century Fox, WarnerMedia, Viacom, Steven Spielberg and Hans Zimmer, the December 14 launch will mark Dreamscape’s first permanent location with three unique VR experiences: Alien Zoo, Lavan’s Magic Projector and theBlu. Dreamscape takes you on a fully interactive, cinematic journey that blurs the lines between the virtual world and reality, offering audiences a chance to completely submerge themselves in alternate universes.    


Founded in 2016 by Swiss computer scientists Caecilia Charbonnier, Sylvain Chagué and renowned entrepreneur Ronald Menzel, Dreamscape broke ground in the virtual reality industry by offering a platform with the ability to track six people simultaneously in real time. Its sophisticated technology grants visitors the ability to be more than just an observer, but a participant within the parameters of a computer-generated world that is virtually limitless.

Adam Rockmore, Global Head of Marketing and Communications for Dreamscape, talks about why he joined Dreamscape four months ago. “I went through Alien Zoo and a couple others and was mesmerized by how we can tell stories, how we can immerse ourselves and experience a world that’s 360 degrees. I think it’s spectacular.”

Dreamscape brings fantasy to life, allowing participants the incredible space to let their imagination roam free. Rockmore continues, “We talk a lot about being a good combination of Hollywood cinematic storytelling with amusement park rides, and that’s very much what we’re trying to do, make them all very unique for any age and anyone who wants to experience something they never thought they could imagine.”

Not only can participants interact with each other, but they can interact with their environment as well. “It’s like wish fulfillment,” Rockmore adds. “You can go in and experience alien creatures. You can pet them. You can play catch with them. You don’t know if it’s virtual or if it’s reality. We call them Dreamscape moments when you lose your sense of where you are and you sort of find yourself immersed in that place.”

Dreamscape brilliantly executes all the important aspects of virtual reality while combining its acute attention to detail, creative innovation and stunning visuals that generate worlds that go beyond even the wildest of imaginations. It not only stretches the limits of what virtual reality is, but allows participants an escape, a momentary suspension of time and everything they thought to be real. It’s a virtual playground that anyone can enjoy, set in an alternate place that will truly take your breath away. 

For tickets and times, visit dreamscapeimmersive.com.