“Chain Reaction” Art Piece Restored

Chain Reaction on Main Street

Dear Friends of Art, Peace & ‘Chain Reaction’,

The City of Santa Monica with the help of the community and the Rosa Lowinger & Associates art conservators have restored Paul Conrad’s monumental ‘Chain Reaction’ peace sculpture, which was gifted to Santa Monica and has been proudly standing in the City’s Civic Center since 1991.
And, since 2012, ‘Chain Reaction’ has been honorably and unanimously designated as a Santa Monica landmark by the Santa Monica Landmarks Commission.
So, let’s now demonstrate unified support to RESTORE the creative and unique ‘Chain Reaction’ artwork back to its rightful and honorable place as part of Santa Monica’s fine public art collection. Hundreds of people have added their names to petitions supporting this art-friendly request, including Santa Monica former Mayors, current elected officials, current and former Board and Commission members, artists, educators, activists and community leaders.
We are very proud that Santa Monica has added art as one of its Sustainable City goals.
And we are deeply appreciative of the ongoing good work of the Santa Monica Arts Commission.
We’re looking forward to attending the public meeting of the Santa Monica Public Art Committee at 5:00pm on Monday, August 21 at the Ken Edwards Center.
Peace and gratitude,
Friends of Chain Reaction
Chain reaction
The art piece “Chain Reaction” on Main Street near Santa Monica city hall.


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