Board of Supervisors Pushes Child Welfare Staffers to Complete Back Payments

Citing hundreds of missed county payments to foster parents and children since December, the Board of Supervisors pushed child welfare staffers Tuesday to come up with a plan to make all back payments by mid- March.

Supervisors Hilda Solis and Janice Hahn recommended weekly reports on the matter.

“These delays began in December and the fact that they have not been remedied is unacceptable,” Hahn said. “Group homes depend on this money to pay their staff and foster parents and youth depend on these payments to survive.”


Delays and missed payments have been caused by a change to the payment system, according to Hahn and Solis.

The Department of Children and Family Services, which is responsible for sending out thousands of payments every month, has increased staffing and reached out to advocates in an effort to address the issue.

“It is imperative that we ensure foster youth are supported both emotionally and financially,” Solis said. “The county’s support must be consistent and reliable.”

Los Angeles County’s foster care system is the largest in the nation.



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