KCET Gets into Monkey Music Business

 Meredith LeVande, a producer, educator, and performer, believes that “every child deserves a childhood.†Having overcome a difficult family life, LeVande knows first hand what it is to miss out a carefree youth but has used this adversity to develop as a children’s artist who understands and sensitively conveys the joys and the occasional sense of loss, as well as the eternal hopes and dreams that are a part of being a child of the new millennium of childhood.

LeVande’s music videos are joy-filled expressions of the childhood that every child deserves. Her work is not only child-friendly, it’s truly child appropriate, created with the healthy growth of the young child in mind.

Robert McDonnell, Director of KCET’s Education and Production Services, “KCET is thrilled to be adding Monkey Monkey Music Videos to our daily broadcast schedule. Meredith LeVande is extremely talented and really has a way of connecting with kids and involving them in the songs. We think viewers throughout Southern California will be charmed and entertained by her fresh voice and infectious spirit!”


For more on Meredith LeVande: www.monkeymonkeymusic.com.

For more on KCET: www.kcet.org