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World-renowned designer Simin

At the age of eleven, while her classmates were concentrating on their math homework, world-renowned designer Simin, was sketching dresses and daydreaming about design. Now, almost forty years later, Simin Haute Couture has been the fashion force, which created one of a kind evening gowns and wedding dresses for an elite clientele including royalty, athletes, and celebrities. An Iranian native, Simin immigrated to Manchester, England at fourteen where she studied Fashion Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dubbed one of the “gifted†students in her class, she was one of the few chosen to be sent to Paris to learn the art and discipline of haute couture under the renowned designer Pierre Cardin, and master couturier, Pierre Balmain. While in Paris, Simin embraced Balmain’s philosophy that “dressmaking is the architecture of movement.â€

After graduating, Simin returned to Tehran, Iran, where she unveiled her House of Fashion. At the tender age of eighteen, Simin debuted her exclusive collection at the prestigious InterContinental Hotel with over eight hundred guests attending, two hundred of which were members of Iran’s Royal Family. One of the models in her show is now famous Iranian actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo. They remained friends, and in 2004, over thirty years later, Simin designed the dress which Mrs. Aghdashloo wore to the Academy Awards for her nomination for The House of Sand and Fog.

Concentrating heavily on custom hand beading, and intricate detailing, Simin began using one of a kind fabrics, which were generally used to decorate homes and adorn walls, as the material for her dresses. Shortly after the debut of her collection, Simin was honored by the Queen as one of Iran’s most talented designers.

Inside Simin Couture

In 1979, Simin and her family moved to Los Angeles. She has been living and working in Brentwood for over 20 years. She has crafted custom gowns for a broad range of high-profile clientele and events including the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, BAFTA Awards, ESPY Awards, BET Awards, Emmy Awards, Latin Emmy Awards and the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. Perhaps Simin’s most proud and unforgettable fashion moment was in 2007 when she was asked to collaborate with the Kazanjian Brothers Jewelers in presenting the world’s most expensive wedding gown. Valued at nineteen million dollars, the diamond-clad gown was featured in over five hundred media outlets.

Simin considers the design process itself to be one of the most gratifying aspects of her job. First, she gets to know her client. Then the process continues with sketching and selecting the fabric. Next is the most important part of the process—the cut and the fit. It is crucial to Simin that the cut and the fit of the dress are impeccable and create a perfect silhouette. Last, is the intricate detail work and hand beading, which has become the designer’s signature look.

Abigail Breslin

Recent accolades for the designer include a Distinguished Designer Award during 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, as well as a Woman of the Year tribute by the IJW Organization in 2008. Both honors recognized her talents as a designer as well as highlighting her charitable involvements, which have helped raise millions of dollars over the past three decades.

Simin is presently in the process of experimenting with various fabrics and techniques as she designs her first bridal collection, which is set to be introduced in Spring 2010. When asked what advice she may have for young aspiring designers, she said,“Courage, a lot of hard work and extreme dedication.â€

Simin Haute Couture is located at 11600 San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood. For more information, call (310) 442-9332 or visit



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