Bushwacked! The Truth About Waxing

Hot Flash, with Barbara Bishop| It’s summer. Bathing suit weather. I’m all set to get my safely conservative, bikini line wax. I went to a new place in Santa Monica, on 2nd Street, that uses a honey-based wax. It’s supposed to be safer and non-allergic, versus other types of waxes.

I walk in. The business is in one of those salon suites, where a bunch of beauty-oriented establishments share a large space divided up into little offices. Services include hair, eyelashes, massage, facials, sculpting, tanning, eyebrows, manicure/pedicure you name it. I could spend hours, maybe days in there, getting all gussied up.

Today, I only have time for a bikini wax. But this particular place specialized in Brazilian waxes. You know, that kind that waxes all the hair off in the um, crotch and butt area. After a short conversation about what it will look like and how to take care of my freshly waxed areas, I decide to go for it.


The asthetician (from Brazil) walked me to a small room where the waxes were performed. She asked me to take my pants off (no this is not pornographic) and had me lay on a table similar to a physician’s exam table. She shaved a little hair off before she began the waxing procedure. While I was watching music videos, she spread the warm honey-wax, and then took a strip of cloth, smoothed it on the wax, and yanked it off.

It stung a little, but it was manageable. She repeated this procedure of wax on, wax off numerous times, plucking out some stray hairs in between. She definitely knew what she was doing. 20 minutes later, she was done. And I was smooth and hairless! I’m not sure about the look yet, but it feels nice and I know now I can wear any type of bathing suit and no stray hair will ever appear.

Because it was my first time, she very generously gave me $20 off the first wax, to make the final cost only $60!

One more thing – I also got my nose hairs waxed. My friend Michael, a top hair stylist in Santa Monica did it, and his nostrils looked awesome. I told myself the next time I get waxed, I am going to get my nose hairs waxed. This may sound weird, but having no hair in my nose makes me look younger! I wonder if anyone will notice…