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LA’s Best Gyms for Students

Regular exercise can make an impactful change in students’ lives. Not only can it boost brainpower and memory retention but also help combat stress and anxiety. 

When you are a student, you might not be able to go to the gym every day at the same time. After all, there would be tons of things on your to-do list. The perfect solution for your situation would be 24-hour gyms. And if you are still unable to find time for working out, you can ask to write my paper for me on WritePaper and get help with your assignments. This platform can offer you a sample essay on any subject, thus allowing you to save time from having to do extensive research. 

If you are a student living in LA, you can head out to one of the following gyms for a quick round of cardio and strength training. 

  1. Hollywood Gym And Fitness

It’s not often that you have time during the day to do sports; however it’s not the reason to avoid exercise in your daily routine. It’s often advantageous to be active before you go to sleep.

When it comes to 24-hour gyms, one of the top in LA is the Hollywood Gym and Fitness. It has high ratings for being spacious and making it a less crowded spot at all times. Moreover, Hollywood Gym also features several promotional offers year-round for you to find a plan that best fits your budget. 

  1. Game Time Strength 

Also known as GTS, this one has several locations in LA and is open 24 hours a day. Game Time Strength is best known for the services they offer. They have a team of experts, which includes trainers and nutritionists.

You can receive custom training here based on your specific requirements. GTS even offers training boot camps if you are looking to boost your strength. 

  1. Easton Gym

Easton is one of the oldest gyms in LA and has three locations within the city. The brand is highly popular among locals and as well as entertainment industry types. Surprisingly, there is no need to enter a contract with the gym if you want to start working out. 

Instead, there are month-to-month plans, so you don’t have to commit for the long term. In addition, you will get access to premium equipment, group fitness classes, personalized lessons, locker rooms, and a sauna. Easton Gym also has in-house cafes that serve nutritious and on-the-go food items to help you cool down and feel good after a session. 

  1. Speakeasy Fitness

Thanks to LA’s sunny weather, you can work out outdoors year-round in this place. And if you want to take advantage of it, you might want to consider an outdoor gym. Speakeasy has opened a Pasadena location that is quite spacious as well as clean. It even has sprinklers to help you cool down quickly. 

And the best part is that Speakeasy Fitness lets you test out the gym before you sign up. It offers a day pass for you to get familiar with the place and take a turn at the equipment.

  1. FunXional Fitness

If you are new to gyms, then you need a warm and welcoming environment to motivate you. FunXional Fitness is a boutique health club that offers an encouraging ambiance for everyone who visits. You can also access personal training or attend group fitness lessons to get into a regular routine. 

  1. The Stronghold Climbing

When thinking of gyms, the first picture that comes to your mind might be that of equipment. However, what if you can make your fitness journey even more fun? Those students looking for a climbing gym can head to The Stronghold Climbing for an immersive experience. 

It is known for its route setting and has super high walls. There are also facilities to try out different types of climbs. If you are interested in this type of workout, you can also try the LA Boulders and Hollywood Boulders. 

  1. YMCA Hollywood

Are you a student on a tight budget now? Do not stop that from getting to a gym. YMCA Hollywood gives you access to everything you need at highly affordable pricing. It might not come with the latest luxury gear or trending workouts, but you can still find everything you need to sweat out with a fulfilling workout session. 

Moreover, with a membership, you can also access all LA locations. You can also sign up for a seven-day trial period for free to try out the gym and see whether you like the experience. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/gJtDg6WfMlQ

  1. Gold’s Gym Hollywood

Gold’s Gym is a favorite among bodybuilders. It also offers a variety of fusion workout programs, such as Pilates, Zumba, jazz, and hip-hop dance lessons. You can also benefit from a long list of targeted classes for different areas you want to work on. 

Members can also enjoy in-club juice bars, cafes, and even tanning centers at selected gyms. However, all of this equipment does not come at a low price. However, you can take advantage of a seven-day guest pass to find out if it’s worth it. 

  1. Barry’s Hollywood 

This iconic gym calls itself a ‘hot spot for professionals in the entertainment industry.’ And it is easy to see why. This gym is one of the most luxurious spots when it comes to the fitness centers in LA. Other than offering personalized fitness plans and access to state-of-the-art equipment, Barry’s Bollywood has a long list of other amenities too. 

Its Fuel Bar comes with a stock of water, snacks, and shakes – best for post-workout cooldowns. You can even have access to all grooming products, including body lotion and deodorant, And if you forget your gym bag, you can shop for fitness wear and then some more. You even get free bags to keep your sweaty clothes in. Needless to say, if you choose to work out here, you will have to spare some cash from your student budget. 

  1. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is another neighborhood gym that comes with access to several discounts and perks. It also has very budget-friendly pricing, making it an ideal choice for students. However, if you want to splurge a little, you can get a PF Black Card, which will give you access to hair services and tanning salons. 

You will also be able to claim discounts on Reebok gear and outlet locations and even use amenities such as hydro massage and body enhancement for free. Planet Fitness also has multiple locations and also expands its network quite often. 

  1. Bolder Fitness

Established in 1995, this gym has served LA’s fitness community for decades. It offers clean facilities and is never crowded, giving you sufficient room to exercise. It also offers budget-friendly membership levels and offers customized access, so you can use a plan that works well for your student schedule. 

The training staff here is also well-praised and helps you achieve result-producing sessions. Additionally, you also have options to participate in classes such as pilates and self-defense. If needed, you can also receive tailored nutrition plans. 

Finding the Right Gym

If you are a student, it can be challenging to stick to a fitness routine and get all the nutrition your body demands. However, the right gym can motivate you to head out and exercise, which can come with several perks for your mental and physical health. 

Choose a place that’s close to where you live so you won’t have to waste time commuting. Since most gyms in LA now offer free trial sessions, we urge you to take advantage of them to find out which gym best fits your needs.

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