Growth Capital Conference Returns April 26

Members of the audience listen and get pointers -- or decide if they want to invest.

Growth Capital Conference, an organization that encourages the funding of startups by angel investors and venture capitalists, meets again at the Olympic Collection this Thursday, April 26.

There will be six innovative deals presented on the 26th, according to David Newman, co-producer of the quarterly event.  Dr. Kathleen Vinson is co-producer.

Here are the deals:


1) An SaaS software company that helps manage major regulatory requirements in the chemical industry;

2) A drone application used in the construction and insurance industries;

3) A mixed-use transit-oriented real estate investment;

4) A student loan assistance system for employers;

An entrepreneur presents his deal at the January conference.

5) Software that will monetize fan bases for entertainers and media firms; and

6) An oil recovery company that can recover oil @ $6 per barrel – successful on four continents.

Capital Sources Panel – representing over 400 Investors:

• Michael Donahue, President, Columbia Capital Securities
Investment banker raises $5 to $100 million for growing firms;

• Greg Cullen, Managing Director, Harvard Investment Group
HIG invests $50K to several million $ in startups and real estate;

• Buck Jordan, CEO, Canyon Creek Capital
Tech-focused venture fund in seed & Series A space;

Members of the audience listen and get pointers — or decide if they want to invest.

• Jo Anne Miller, Founder & President, SLO Seed Ventures
(an early stage angel group).

• John M Morris, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels
(largest angel network in US with 300 members —
TCA has invested over $180 million in over 300 companies);

• Gene Massey, CEO. MediaShares and QwikShares, which offer
crowdfunding solutions through online stock offerings;

• Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California
(HBS Angels have 18 chapters in USA, Europe, China & India);

• Stan Tomsic, Director of LA Metro Cleantech Open (and a
Pasadena Angels investor); and

Stan Tomsic of Pasadena Angels gives feedback to one of the presenters.

• Larry Uhl, Membership Chair, Pasadena Angels, with 100 Members
(PA has invested over $65 million in over 175 companies).

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m., the program begins at 7:30 a.m.  The event wraps up by 10 a.m.  For more information on Growth Capital Conference or this particular event, go to

Remember to bring business cards!