LAX to Westwood in Five Minutes?

1.MuskElon Musk unveils photos and video of his plans for high-speed underground tunnels that would allow commuters to avoid the dreaded L.A. gridlock.

Attach a car to an electric sled, lower it below the city of Los Angeles’s streets and whisk yourself away from gridlocked traffic and to your final destination.

That’s the concept that inventor, billionaire, and Space X Founder Elon Musk is proposing, and he’s launched a video and photographs to show exactly how it can be done.


According to Musk, commuters could travel from LAX to Westwood in just five minutes via a citywide network of underground tunnels. Cars would be attached to electric sleds, and would be capable of traveling up to 125 mph.

Musk’s The Boring Company, has now created a staging area and a starting tunnel for the first Boring Machine entitled “Godot”.

The first full-length tunnel, Musk wrote in an Instagram post, would run from LAX to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks. No more trawling the 405. He added that future tunnels would cover all of the greater Los Angeles area.

In order to implement his vision, though, Musk would require approval from the City. Musk told Wired back in January that more City Council discussions are still required before the project can actually move forward.

Speaking at TED2017 in April, Musk said, “We’re trying to dig a hole under L.A., and this is to create the beginning of what will hopefully be a 3D network of tunnels to alleviate congestion.”