New Attorney on the Rise

Mitra Ahouraian: Attorney on the rise.There’s a relatively new attorney on the rise in Los Angeles. I know what you’re thinking; Los Angeles needs another attorney like America needs another reality TV show but Mitra Ahouraian is a go-getter, an up-and-coming entertainment specialist whose burgeoning practice is worthy of mention. She cares deeply about her work and her clients and is always striving to do what’s best for them—and unlike the outcome of some reality TV shows, while working with Ahouraian you won’t ever have to worry about getting ‘voted off the island.’

After receiving her degree from Loyola Law School in 2006, Ahouraian went on to post-graduate studies (under the tutelage of professor Bianca Bezdek, an expert in film finance) and received a Specialization in Business and Legal Affairs with an emphasis in Film from the EntMitra Ahouraian.ertainment Studies Program at University of California, Los Angeles. About the same time, friends who were producing a record and wanted to start a record label called on Ahouraian for help.

Later that same year, Ahouraian worked as general counsel for Phoenix Books and Audio—the first company to produce audio books. In a matter of a year and a half Ahouraian was completing publishing deals and music related contracts for a record label including “360 deals†—which encompass all aspects of an artists career, from publishing to touring to merchandise, to placement and synching. “It’s not just the album they are participating in but all the other revenue streams, such as ringtones, etc.,†explains Ahouraian.


She also worked production legal on two films—from their inception—which means she was responsible for setting up the production entity, preparing the financing contracts and negotiating the talent agreements. One A-List film on which she worked that’s still making its way through the production process is “Girl Soldier†starring Uma Thurman.

After developing a client base Ahouraian decided to branch out on her own and start a boutique entertainment law practice. “There were so many opportunities coming to me that it was more than what I could do where I was.â€

This year, as with last, she is on the Board of Directors for the Bel-Air Film Festival and is organizing a special panel. “Last year, I assembled a group of industry experts who shared all of their expertise on film financing; what your business model should look like—because the model looks different today—how to get your money back, how to make sure you get distribution. This year I have Palak Patel, President of Roth Films who recently produced “Alice In Wonderland,†for Disney and “Knight and Day†for Twentieth Century Fox, Salaam Remi, the prolific music producer for such superstars as Amy Winehouse, Nas and The Fugees, and Michael Becker, founding principal of Imprint Entertainment, the full service film, television and management company responsible for the production of three “Twilight†blockbusters. I’m gearing this year’s panel more towards insider information,†says Ahouraian. Hence the panel’s title: Breaking Through & Being Heard in Hollywood! Industry Secrets and Lies, told from the perspective of Top Industry Pros.

As we get closer to the festival date (of October) there will be more information available. But in the meantime, if you have an interest in making a movie, producing an album or just a general entertainment / legal related question you can reach out to Ahouraian.

She is currently with Linzer and Associates, P.C. where she is expanding the entertainment division of this firm. For more info contact: [email protected]