I’d rather die than Fail – Christian Audigier

There is a lot of talk today about a new awakening, consciousness, a new era, a new way of understanding and treating the world, and how to obtain the “know-how†to do it. But, these ideas are sometimes discounted collectively under the term “spirituality,†a word that has become overused and easily dismissed in the 21st Century.

Not a surprise! At first spiritualism was associated with some shamanic practices and religious beliefs that varied widely from culture to culture, and as such, the word has lost the sense of importance it was trying to convey.

The Dalai Lama is considered one of the most influential “spiritual teachers†of our times, yet precisely because of that phrase, most people do not even bother to understand what he stands for. The title is a turn off all by itself. In our computerized world and speedy lives, who has the time for “spiritualism?â€


What does it mean to be spiritual anyway? The cliché suggests a meditative yoga pose with candlelight that must be stared at with focused attention. “That is rubbish,†most would say. “I have no time for that… my back hurts…I am happy to get around as is… I should pick up my dry cleaning, pay my bills,†– and so it goes, on and on as you argue with your siblings, coworkers, friends, everyone over one issue or another, resolve the million little “things†that never seem to end. They never end because we create them. Unconsciously of course!

Most people think that to practice meditation in our lives would mean that “we’ve lost it and became insane.†The mantra for most people is “I must go, do, say, run, get, and take, because only then I will be successful!â€

While successful people are very busy, they succeed by the way they use their minds, by the way they view the world, and most importantly by the recognition of “thy self†that goes beyond the mind, yet is a constant companion that can be trusted at all times.

It’s this higher self that tells the truth, and not “thinks†the truth! This creative essence and intelligence, that we barely have a word for, is the “silent watcher†and a trusted constant companion.

The genius behind the very popular brand, Ed Hardy is Christian Audigier, who became a celebrity himself almost straight out of prison. His life story, just like many other creative entrepreneurs, is not without a very bumpy, topsy-turvy, and at times scary ride. But, it’s one that Audigier would not change for anything: “I would say the ride was amazing. I am quite happy how my life has treated me,†he says.

And, if his fortune, which is estimated to be around 600 million dollars, disappeared tomorrow, he’d say “Let’s do it again!â€

Audigier recently wrote a book in which he states: “I’d rather die than fail! I am very competitive. My company is big today. It’s a lot of work. I get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, go to the gym and start working. I work more than before. The economy is suffering right now. We are losing customers, we need to find new ways,†he says.

“I wrote the book because I wanted to take a little bit of control back. I have become somewhat of a celebrity myself, and I didn’t want people to write something that is not correct. And it was a little bit of therapy for me too,†he adds.

According to Audigier, he is living the American dream now, but it was not always easy. He had a lot of obstacles to face. He spent time in prison, as a kid he was looked upon as a gypsy, he needed to fight to get respect. “That was my karma,†he says. His father left when he was 2 years old, he was a street vendor when he was 14, all of which he says made him learn to stand on his own two feet.

“One thing that never went away was my dreams and my passion for life,†he says, and that statement alone exemplifies the principle of the various scientific discoveries about our brain and the human spirit as we know it today. Christian Audigier is an example of the principles this article addresses in terms of the power of the mind!

I say that instead of fighting, complaining and getting lost in meaningless details, let’s get to work and start creating the lives we want for ourselves. Just like those tycoons, humanitarians, philanthropists with unwavering determination did, leaving examples of inspiration for those who care and dare.

Stick with your passion and beliefs despite all else, no matter what, uncompromisingly! You will succeed. And this is what I know for sure , – and experienced it in my own life as well. Adrienne Papp