News Briefs: July 20-29

Digital Win

Santa Monica City’s “Digital Inclusion” pilot has taken a top 25 spot in Harvard University’s Programs in American Government Awards.

The program brings broadband internet to low income housing units for $48 a month and provides free access in community rooms. Residents can also participate in free onsite tech workshops. More information at:


“Jawsome” Shark Week

Santa Monica Pier and Aquarium are celebrating Shark Week’s 30th anniversary with “fintastic” Ferris wheel designs and conservancy beach clean ups.

Starting Friday July 20 through Sunday July 22, the Pier’s Ferris wheel will feature “jawsome” designs of sharks and waves, along with cool blue colors and designs.

Be sure to check out the designs, take a ride on Pacific Park’s new Shark Frenzy ride and join in a beach clean-up Saturday July 21. Head to to register.

Airport Input

City staff will present a proposal for Santa Monica Airport’ proposed Minimum Standards for commercial aeronautical service providers, and the comments received during the extended public comment period, to the Santa Monica Airport Commission for its review July 23.

According to City staff, the Minimum Standards, if adopted, will establish entry benchmarks that the City would use to determine whether and under what conditions an aeronautical service provider could conduct a commercial operation at the Santa Monica Airport.

The complete agenda packet for the meeting is at