“O.J. Simpson The Killer” and Kingdom of Concern

Eden Alpert at the Concern Foundation. Credit: Edward Lozzi

Following five years researching murder trial records and forensic evidence, former Detective James Pembroke and murder trial expert Cheryl Kane, have written a disturbing account one of America’s most infamous murders, entitled “O.J. Simpson The Killer: A minute by minute account of the homicides of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.”

Published by Dorrance Publishing, this hardcover book is a blueprint of how these crimes were committed – all backed by direct evidence pointing to Simpson.

Kane had the book delivered to O.J. at Lovelock State Prison.


Negotiations are underway for a motion picture deal with Dual Films in Johannesburg.

Concern Foundation’s 43rd Annual Block Party hosted over 4,000 guests, and successfully raised $1.7 million for cancer research through donations and bids on auction items. This year, we spotted medieval kings, queens and court jesters scrambling around the expansive back lot of Paramount Studios.

The theme was “Kingdom of Concern” and featured an evening of feasting, revelry and dance. Honorees included Kelly Stone and her husband Bruce Singer who created Planet Hope, which benefits underprivileged children. Kelly, who has lupus, is the sister of actress Sharon Stone, and she has raised funds and awareness for Lupus LA.

Eden Alpert, a partner in Vibrato Grill, who is an active participant in raising funds for cancer patients and families was also honored at the event. She represents a new generation of humanitarians dedicated to making the world a better place.

Over 75 food and beverage vendors, including Pink’s Hot Dogs, STK, The Flats, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka were featured at the event. There was casino style gaming, and performances by The Merry Wives and Fantastic Fig.

All this and more, and the best news is that they raised nearly two million dollars.


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