Santa Monica Celebrating the New Expo Line Opening

The new Expo Line opening saw celebrations across the city Saturday, with Bergamot Station attracting a host of lively locals, giddy to be able to ride the new train.

“Everyone is in a good mood, and super excited,” said Ginny Brideau, who works for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Visitors were constantly funneling in by car and of course, on the train.



According to Brideau, the two most popular questions from visitors were about the senior application which grants reduced fares to senior riders, and if the train really went all the way to Downtown LA – which it does indeed.

“The trains are really full and no one cares,” said Brideau. Some visitors waited as long as 45 minutes to be able to ride the train for a stop or two. Clearly Santa Monica has had enough of mediocre public transportation, and reveled in their new and improved train system.

The day’s events included puppets and a photo booth courtesy of the Rogue Arts Ensemble, a Community Engagement Arts Project with Sarah Renae Barnard and music by Masanga Marimba, Dustbowl Revival and a DJ from Dublab’s online radio station.

As riders of the Expo Line celebrated alongside residents in attendance solely to show their support, the expanded Expo Line service received a well-deserved warm welcome.