Celeb Personal Assistants Volunteer for American Cancer Society

The Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants (ACPA) has joined forces with the American Cancer Society to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program for the first month of 2011.

During the month of January, ACPA members, with the support of their employers, will donate their time and the use of their personal vehicles to ensure that cancer patients get the lifesaving treatments they need.

Television Host and Author, Tavis Smiley is happy to lend his assistant, a member of ACPA to the cause. “Fighting cancer is already a tough enough battle. Those of us who are blessed to not have to get into the ring with cancer can at the very least provide the kind of love, support and
service these patients need. This ‘Road to Recovery’ program is a way for us to serve, and that’s what loving our neighbor is all about.â€


“Securing transportation to and from treatments is a major hurdle for cancer patients as some patients require anywhere from 20 to 30 trips to treatment facilities over a six week period,†says Andy Cobb, Vice President of Patient Services, Stephanie H. Lane Cancer Resource Network, CA Division, American Cancer Society, Inc. “We are so grateful the members of ACPA are willing to
donate their time to our Road to Recovery program and that their celebrity employers are happy to lend their “lifeline†for a day to help create more birthdays.â€

The Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants is a non-profit organization designed to empower its members through professional development programs. The group has been unwavering in their commitment to make giving back to those in need is a priority every year. “We’re very excited to team up with the American Cancer Society in Road to Recovery. As a whole our organization finds this cause extremely important and we are eager to donate our time in hopes that our participation will not only save lives but encourage others to become involved with Road to
Recovery,†says Drei Donnelly, President of the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants.

ACPA members have spent the month of December training for the program which will run from January 1, 2011 to February 1, 2011. Members will start the new year using their spare time to drive patients to and from doctor’s appointments, radiation treatments, pharmacies and working
diligently to bring attention to others on just a few hours of one’s time can save a life.