A Frolicking Good Time

The Annenberg Beach House Annual Community Picnic took place Thursday July 19 and saw families from throughout the region jump in sack races, make crafts and celebrate all that the beach has to offer.

The annual event is one of the most popular on the Beach House’s calendar and for many it stands pride of place on their summer to-do list.

“I wish they had more events like this,” Elly Santos told The Mirror. “We all love time spent together as a family and to watch the sun go down on the sand is great.”


Santos said that the range of activities always keeps her kids busy, and allows her a time to join in and also relax.

From littlies to teens, the evening had something for everyone.

Small tables were assembled with beach crafts, workshops and coloring. For the bigger kids there were life-sized building blocks, races, dancing, slack-lining, karaoke and the much-anticipated tug-o-war.

Families brought their own food and picnics with the highlight of the evening for many – smores on the beach!

For more on upcoming events head to:www.annenbergbeachhouse.com