Yo! Venice: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The electrical fire at the Venice Pier is a symptom of a far worse scenario that exists at the beach (Venice Pier Reopens After Fire).

Because of the increasing amounts of homeless encamped at epidemic proportions, you have individuals desperate for electrical access for cell phones and other needs taken for granted by most of us not affected by this moral scourge.


Instead of the pier being a Jewel of the Pacific, it is a haven for the homeless at night under the structure and just another example of the City of Los Angeles’ inability to offer rational and sensible solutions when it comes to the un-housed.

Like the bike bath that has become in serious disrepair compounded by the new scooter craze that has hundreds of these items spread across the beach, Ocean Front Walk has become a chaotic destination of deterioration that is dirty with no help in sight!

Travel down to the beach at daybreak and witness the sadness of this homeless epidemic now out-of-control. I have never seen neither Councilmember Mike Bonin or Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti actually tour the beach and the epidemic that has boiled out of control on their collectives watches!

Hundreds of homeless in tents living in utter squalor as the physical deterioration of the playgrounds, basketball courts and other open space lay in defecation, urine and the consequence of people with nowhere seemingly to go.

I have lived in Venice for 25 years and the situation has never been worse.

One of the country’s great tourist destinations is being destroyed before my eyes as those elected to do something, anything, think grandstanding for the media and getting arrested on an issue that is federal in scope versus addressing the homeless issue in a serious and meaningful way continues to go without sense or solution.

For what has to occur before something is done?

This is why cityhood for Venice is the only true solution and those trapped in the dregs of being on the street, forgotten and with no help or hope.

I don’t know how Councilmember Bonin or Mayor Garcetti can look themselves in the mirror in the morning.

Nick Antonicello

Venice Beach