Want to Stop Addiction Cravings? Here’s How.

    WESTSIDE LOS ANGELES – You can STOP the Cravings that lead to Addiction in Hours, which stops your addiction to Alcohol or Opiates in Hours too. This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of alcohol and opiate addiction.  Accelerated Treatment Systems, a CereCare Center of Excellence has opened new offices at 4954 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 202, in Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

    “Finally, a way to stop the pain and agony of addiction, in a simple, fast and safe 10-minute procedure.” 

    ​”We offer a program designed with near immediate relief from Opiate and Alcohol cravings”, shared Dr. Nobel. “A medical approach starting with the patient experiencing the feeling of SUCCESS over their addiction at the beginning of treatment instead of the end of treatment. We have found this has a positive effect in the patient’s attitude, desire, and motivation to get and stay clean and sober.” Dr. Nobel and CereCare understand the addiction merry-go-round and felt a new safe and painless approach could be the answer for both treatment providers and patients searching to find relief from this insidious disease.


    Today, using a tiny prescription ordered tablet, painlessly implanted in the fatty tissue at the base of your belly (in minutes), slowly releasing your medication over months will stop your cravings for Opiates and Alcohol. This procedure is proving to be a winner in the successful treatment of cravings that lead to addiction. You only need to ask the 10,000 past recipients (tested in other countries) of the implant to hear how effective it is in stopping their cravings and addiction to Opiates and Alcohol.

    ​Our program is a breakaway from traditional treatment there is no reason to LEAVE YOUR WORK, FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR 28-DAYS like traditional treatment. No explaining to your Boss, Friends or anyone why you must disappear for 28 days (when going to treatment), you continue with your life only Opiate and Alcohol FREE. Our anonymous out-patient program uses assessment, education, out-patient medical detox (if required) and a tiny medicine implant. Once Dr. Nobel painlessly implants the tablet the next phase of our program begins.

    It starts with the end to cravings, then follow-on meetings and continuous support by our trained staff, additional meetings with Dr. Nobel to monitor your progress and an app the gives you the tools to stay clean and sober, bolstering your sobriety. From beginning to end the process is comprehensive and promotes success at beating your addiction. With our program, nobody but you need to know you are in treatment for substance use but YOU”. Totally ANONYMOUS.

    Check out the website to learn more about this NEW Sobering Process  www.acceleratedtreatmentsystems.com 800 634-0599 / 310 945-7414, or you can email [email protected]

    Call us today and schedule a FREE in office assessment. There is NO hard sell when you come in for your free assessment. It is important you have made the decision you want to quit prior to meeting with us.