Challenging Times? Exceptional Americans Step Up to the Plate to Give Us Truly the Best of the Best

Our economy has sunk to a place where dollars aren’t flying around easily anymore. These days everyone is looking for the best deals with the best quality for much less than we used to pay before. I set out to find what’s offered out there that are still high quality, but also affordable. It’s not just the middle class that is more cautious with spending, but also the rich, – each by their own individual spending habits.

The interesting thing about this ever changing, whirlpool economy is that everyone needs to get really inventive to prosper. After having seen so many companies go out of business, or downsizing, we wonder what strategy, service, product or plan is really the best of the best out there? How do small and large businesses cope and shape their logistics in order to offer us even perhaps better services than before?

My search led me to a cool site, called, Smoking Hot Deal Savers. It certainly sounded good, but the real deal was that I really did save an instant $ 100 per months. $ 1,200 a year extra in my pocket is enough for a vacation. But, that was only the appetizer; the entrée is that they are not just another discount service. This site offers so much more than just savings. They are helping businesses succeed, which we badly need, and also bringing consumers the hottest deals from first class vendors. Deborah Pirrone, who runs the site, says: “My passion is bringing the best products and services to businesses and clients alike. When we evaluate a product before we recommend it, we want to know if it’s something uniquely attractive, if it has a good track record with customers, and want to be sure it’s safe and durable and easy to maintain, but most of all: high quality.


These are just a few things we look at to make sure that each product meets the highest expectations.†They are also super professionals, and very reliable, which is quite of a rare combination these days! After having spent a pretty long time with Deborah it became obvious to me that out of so many companies we looked at, this one is really the best of the best you can find on the market for real fantastic deals!

More than anything, we love products that are “Made in the USA.†After all, that is what America is all about. It is not only an immediate attention grabber phrase, but also an absolute must for our country! The patriotic consumer wants to know where to buy U.S. made products to support American workers and keep the American Dream alive, not to mention the quality. Of course you can buy an IPhone made in China, but that “charm†is not working anymore. America started to wake up!

Your Go-To source is: Made in the U.S.A. “ We believe in the American dream and we support it in every way we can†says Deborah Pirrone, who has been recently featured on television, and various media outlets for her exceptional work of collecting the best products Made in the U.S.A.

Our national economy is about much more than money and a balanced budget. A recent statistic broadcast on television says that if each consumer in the USA spends $3.33 on American made products it can help create 10,000 jobs.

Our economy represents our national creative soul. It represents our ability to survive and prosper as thriving Americans. It represents our pursuit of happiness. We must support these American businesses with great passion and an enthusiastic marketing effort. Made in the U.S.A.? Good for us! Good for you!
What can be better than that?

Another inventive and clever new product engineered to keeping up with our fast paced life-style is Canale Originals, which was started back in 2000 and have a proven track record in the industry already. It’s really an unbelievably innovative design from a company with a passion for creating unique and PRACTICAL products that complement today’s crazy busy environment and is affordable at the same time. Their “wrist wallet†line includes products like the Bracelet-MateR (also called The Purseless Purse TM) and their newest line, Wrist-BlingTM.

Even though others have tried to copy their fashionable designs, no one could come close to creating these extremely practical and very much needed wrist bracelets, which, amazingly enough, are really purses that incorporate both beautiful form and function at the same time. A bracelet becomes a purse! Now, that is something I would call genius besides that it is the latest fashion as well! Its easy to use, and “ready-to-run-with-you†nature is really a novelty, while it is also perfectly engineered to fit your wrist. It poses as an expensive piece of jewelry that one can wear on the red carpet, on a trip, or just run around in town, instead of carrying a purse. Yet, this unique design is indeed a purse that holds your credit cards, ID, and even lipstick. Each strand of crystals and beads are hand beaded and each strand is individually attached to the wallet to insure its safety and security. All designs are created by Deborah Burnett, who made every woman’s dream come true and had been featured many times due to her brilliance. No more searching in your purse 24/7, but wearing all that you need on your wrist that is jewelry style, elegant, and a true eye-catcher. Now, this is really an American made item that is most definitely going around the world as the best and one of the smartest products ever created. And, as expensive as it looks, it is affordable!

For lovers of the natural world, the Spotlight is on the creative talents of Laszlo Kupi. Laszlo is an extraordinary photographer and geologist, who has started receiving attention even from National Geographic, with whom it seems he will have a long–term relationship. Kupi has a unique style for photographing not only exotic locations and capturing its local inhabitants, but is also a photographer who is sought-after by the entertainment industry for his skills as a portrait and location photographer. This combination of talents, which is offered in one package, is representative of our new economy where only the fittest survive. And, the secret is: offer as wide of a range of products and services all in a one-stop shop as you can!

Kupi has travelled the world as an exploration geologist, capturing the colors and atmosphere of exotic lands, from Turkey and Eastern Europe to the Amazonian rainforest and French Guiana, never stopping too long in any one location, but rather on the move keeping on exploring the unknown. “My subject is that which is offered by my travels,†Kupi says. “Landscapes, wildlife and people are interesting and different everywhere! To present and magnify the details of a strange, often bizarre, world to the naked eye is very satisfying. I want to try to show how diverse and admirable the world we live in is, through an eye of a geologist.†His enormous success originated from his way of thinking, which is the most important element in our century and is crucial for our transitioning to an era that we have not seen before. For the very best of his hit works of collectible photography please visit you will not believe your eyes.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little extra!

If you are looking for a first class travel agency for an exotic escape, a luxurious leisure or business trip, look no further than Willett Travel. Their Los Angeles based agency will provide you with PERSONALIZED VIP SERVICE with exclusive amenities and upgrades through their Four Seasons Preferred Partner program. Yet another example of how even the biggest companies couple up to offer the best of the best to service their customers. This agency stands out from all others because they understand the need for grouping together all aspects of your travel plans in our real rapidly moving and changing world. Beyond air and hotels they take care of passports, visas, insurance, inoculations, transfers, parking, restaurant and spa reservations, tickets to events, and so much more! This is something we have not seen before. With them you become a client for life for they treat everyone like a celebrity. Topping it all, they are also experts in Production Travel, having served the Entertainment Industry for decades as an additional one-stop shop experience.

Much can be said about the most prestigious and luxurious Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts around the World reinventing their services yet again. They stand for excellence! Not only are they the best of the best in every aspect of their services, locations, architecture and interior design, but they also make it their business to give you detailed and PERSONALIZED attention, making you feel cozy, cared for and very special. The ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation is guaranteed with special amenities making you feel warmly welcomed and a guest for a lifetime.
Looking at our World today, what can be more efficient, smart and economical than two great companies partnering up just to give you truly the best of the best and that rare feeling of being at home and really cared for while you are actually traveling? A unique and much needed graceful approach indeed!

These exceptional companies all prove one thing for sure: the economy is not at all that bad and all that lost! It is just changing and asking us to rethink, redo and reinvent ourselves to evolve yet again to a higher level, which is a requirement as we write our next chapter.

Adrienne Papp is an Economist and a Feature Writer
The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Made in the USA
The Purseless Purse
Exotic Bird by Laszlo Kupi
Willet Travel