Vikki Carr to perform at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills Oct. 9

A legendary star of the stage and screen, Vikki Carr will perform in Beverly Hills on Oct. 9.
A legendary star of the stage and screen, Vikki Carr will perform in Beverly Hills on Oct. 9.
A legendary star of the stage and screen, Vikki Carr will perform in Beverly Hills on Oct. 9.

Four-time Grammy-award winning singer and actress Vikki Carr will perform Oct. 9 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills as a part of her return to the spotlight.

Carr’s singles had numerous appearances on both U.S. and Latin charts with more than 60 best-selling recordings, earning her a Hollywood Walk of Fame star as well as the opportunity to sing for a handful of American presidents.

Her music has especially enjoyed immense popularity among Latin audiences.


After years and years of crooning her way into the hearts of millions, Carr took a hiatus of sorts to focus on being a “wife, mother, and grandmother.”

However, she never lost her undeniable passion for music and love of the stage, regardless of how much time passed.

In a sense, it is not at all surprising that Carr is in the midst of a comeback.

“I’m getting back to working and where I am the happiest,” Carr said. “That’s when I’m on the road, singing and performing.”

Now under new management, Carr is eager to return to the excitement of the performing arts once again with an evolved perspective.

With decades of experience under her belt, Carr will undoubtedly bring a more seasoned version of herself to the stage. She seems to view the passage of time as a period of renewal and of maturity.

“I’m actually probably singing better,” Carr said. “This experience will be similar to a bottle of wine that’s aged gracefully.”

At the same time, Carr seeks to bring back the nostalgia of some of her older music for her loyal fan base, with the mention of a possibility of revisiting and rerecording one of her previous albums.

“Hopefully my shows will be lifting spirits,” Carr said.

She will very likely serve as a source of happiness and entertainment, as she wants to be to those who need a light “during these bleak times.” It’s clear that her audience means the world to Carr, who is touched by all of the crowds she has performed in front of.

“The best compliment for me is when the audience knows all of the words to my songs,” Carr said.

Indeed, her relationship with her fans seems to be a crucial part of what keeps her passion for performing in tact and on fire.

“I am still in love with what I do,” Carr said. “No matter what your age is, you can be vital if you love what you do. I’ve only just begun; there’ s still so much more ahead of me.”
Once a resident of Beverly Hills, Carr will be headed back to one of her past homes in October.

“It’s been a while since I’ve performed in California,” Carr said. “I used to live in Beverly Hills, so I’m especially looking forward to returning and holding a concert in the area.”

When asked about what she’d like to tell her fans planning on attending her upcoming concert, Carr kept it sweet and simple.

“I’m back,” she said with a laugh.

She is currently starting work on a duets album.

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