Need a Little Growth Capital?

Judges listen to the investor pitches. Photos: Jeff Hall.

By Jeff Hall

Got a company that needs money to grow? 

Growth Capital Conference, the granddaddy of investor pitchfests on the Westside, will conduct its 73rd quarterly gathering this Thursday, July 25, at the Olympic Collection at Sawtelle and Olympic.


At this meeting, seven company CEOs will have seven minutes each to impress a panel of investors, which includes venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity investors.

Panelists, upon hearing each pitch, will ask questions and provide feedback to the presenters.  Panelists will also be invited to give their views on the current state of financing for early-stage companies.  

An entrepreneur mans his presentation table.

If you are part of a startup looking for money, you should definitely attend a Growth Capital Conference and see how it’s done.  If you are looking for a startup to invest in, Growth Capital Conference is the place to be. 

This Thursday breakfast will be served starting at 7 a.m. Starting at 7:30 a.m., the following deals will be presented:

  • An AI/SaaS/Financial Services firm saves banking clients more than $100,000 per year.  Recurring revenue model – proven profit generator with explosive growth potential.
  • A firm provides wellness and happiness via aromatheraphy, toys and support. Distribution in Europe, USA, Mexico.  Recurring revenue model.
  • A viral rewards social network rejuvenates retail profits. Success has been demonstrated via revenue and profit history.          
Alan Spatz, a sponsor, and David Newman, conference chair, lay out event ground rules.
  • An innovative (and patented) wound treatment has customers including major healthcare networks, hospitals and the US military.
  • A private island Polynesian-style resort encompasses five entire islands; development encorporates green energy technology.      
  • A next-generation general aviation and military aircraft has a potential major aircraft developer and manufacturer.
  • A firearms training academy developed with help from a major police department.  Strong patents. Saves lives, saves municipal training costs.

The capital sources panel represents over 500 Investors:

  •     Panel Chair & Conference Sponsor: Michael Donahue, President, Columbia Capital Securities.  This investment banker raises $5 million to $100 million for growing firms.
  • Greg Cullen, Managing Director, Harvard Investment Group.  HIG invests $50K to several million $ in startups and real estate
  • Marc Deschenaux, International Financier.  Managed 169 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and 240 private offerings.
  • Cristina Escoda, Managing Partner, Tachyon Ventures, a VC Fund focused on life sciences ventures (medicine, biotech and bioengineering).                 
  • Gene Massey, CEO, MediaShares and QwikShares

               Manages Reg A & Reg D stock offers & crowdfunding solutions.

  • Lucas Pols, Tech Coast Angels Network.  TCA is the largest angel network in US with 400 members.  TCA has invested over $218 million in 388 companies with over $1.8 billion in venture capital follow-on funding.
  • Larry Uhl  Pasadena Angels.  Pasadena Angels has over 100 members
Networking is a big component of Growth Capital Conference gatherings.

And has invested over $75 million in over 195 companies with over $500 million in venture capital follow-on funding.

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