Check Out Growth Capital Conference April 25

A panel of investor/judges at Growth Capital Conference.

By Staff Writer

The quarterly meeting of the Westside’s Growth Capital Conference, or GCC, takes place this Thursday, April 25, at Olympic Collection, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Entrepreneurs describe their deals, in “Shark Tank”-like fashion, before a panel of judges who offer feedback – and who often actually invest.


There will be six deals presented:

1) A biotech firm developing and artificial heart with a revolutionary, sustainable design.  Company has a plan for an early exit (sale).

2) A SaaS (software as a service) platform facilitates co-ownership of homes.  Pipeline of realtors and qualified buyers.

3) Crypto-currency platform for traders – $1 million contract to start, multiple users in the pipeline.

4) Genetics test marketed online and in medical cannabis outlets. Supports tailored application of medical cannabis products..

5) Hybrid powertrain with multiple applications.  Initial use: fulfill purchase orders for drones to inspect wind turbines.

6) A robotic orthopedic drill that provides real time data of what’ happening with a bone while drilling.  World class orthopedic team backing firm.

The Capital Sources Panel – representing over 500 investors – includes:

•    Panel Chair & Conference Sponsor, Michael Donahue, President, Columbia Capital Securities.  This investment Banker raises $5 to $100 million for growing firms.

•    Greg Cullen, Managing Director, Harvard Investment Group.
    HIG invests $50K to several million $ in startups and real estate.

•    Marc Deschenaux, International Financier.  Marc has managed 169 Initial Public Offerings and 240 Private Offerings

•    Gene Massey, CEO. MediaShares and QwikShares.  Manages Reg A & Reg D Stock Offers & CrowdFunding Solutions

•    Allison Silvers, Tech Coast Angels Network, the largest angel network in US with 400 Members. TCA has invested over $218 million in 388 companies, with over $1.8 billion in follow-on venture funding. 

•    Jack Reynolds, Pasadena Angels.  Over 100 PA members have invested over $75 million in over 195 companies, with over $500 million in venture capital follow-on funding.

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