Pico Boulevard Businesses, Celebrate Music and Art, August 17th and 18th

“I come from a comic book background so do a lot of figurative and facial drawings." - David Klein Photo: Courtesy.

By Henry K. Long

Music has been in art as far back as ancient Egypt and continues to be a theme in the contemporary art world. This Friday and Saturday, August 17, and 18, “The Music In Art Exhibition,” created by Randy Ball (owner of Blue 7 Gallery) and Lucius Peterson (gallery director), celebrates the union of these arts.

“Art and music are both emotional expressions which stimulate the mind and the heart,” Ball said. Peterson agreed, and added, “Blue 7 artists are making music and Artist/Musicians are performing at all three venues for the receptions.”


The gallery has collaborated previously on exhibitions with the UnUrban with much success, so the two approached owner Pamela Stollings. Peterson said, “It was good for our artists and the UnUrban patrons enjoyed [the] visual excitement of the art.”

The event will showcase various artists from the Blue 7 Collective as well as guest artists. It will also feature musicians, many whom happen to be artists as well.

Indie Cameron has been exhibiting art at Blue 7 Gallery for ten years, but joined the collective a year ago. “Randy and Lucius are a wonderful asset to the artists in the collective,” Cameron said. A lover of music, she explained that one of her works…The Rehearsal was inspired by her interactions with singers over the years and her experiences with rehearsals and performances. One can see the artist’s love for her craft in her painting. 

David Klein has been a member of the Blue 7 Gallery and Collective since November 2017. Klein started to create art at a young age, “I have not put down the pencil or brush since I was 3 years old and I’m soon to be 27, so I’ve been at it a while.” Klein works mainly in oils and ink. “I come from a comic book background so do a lot of figurative and facial drawings. I love drawing!” He will be exhibiting portraits and several music-themed paintings, as well as performing with his band at the UnUrban on Saturday, August 18 at 8 p.m. You can find Klein’s work at both Blue 7 Gallery and the UnUrban Coffee House.

McCabe’s Guitar Shop presents the art of Vikesh Kapoor and Dawn and Hawkes, who will also be performing. Call (310) 828-8037 to order tickets to the concert (8pm), or go to this link.

 “Like visual art, music is another universal language of the world,” said Peterson. “Our show continues a centuries-old tradition of artists depicting musicians, instruments, singers, and elements of musical expression.”

 “The Music In Art Exhibition” takes place across two nights: Friday and Saturday, August 17th, and 18th from 5-9pm. Blue 7 Gallery (3129 Pico Boulevard), and McCabe’s Guitar Shop (3101 Pico Boulevard) will host receptions on Friday evening. The event continues on Saturday, August 18th from 5-9pm. Enjoy art parties at the UnUrban Coffee House (3301 Pico Boulevard), and at Blue 7 Gallery. The art will remain on view through September 22nd. For additional info, call Blue 7 Gallery at (310) 449-1444; http://Blue7Gallery.com  http://www.unurban.com/  http://www.mccabes.com/