It’s That Time Again: Growth Capital Conference

John Morris offers feedback to an entrepreneur.

Growth Capital Conference, an early innovator in the entrepreneurial pitching space, is conducting its next meeting this Thursday, August 2.

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m., with the first presentation beginning at 7:30 a.m.  The event is held at the Olympic Collection at the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic.

Five companies will present their deals this Thursday.

An entrepreneur and his drone that helps roofing companies.

The first is a company that has received $2M National Institutes of Health grants.  The company is a leader in diagnostic disease prediction, with several patents under its belt.

Next is a SaaS (software as a service) plug-in that automates affiliate sales networks.  The largest player in the industry is now on board.

Third is a startup with a news aggregator that provides a unique system that allows companies to quick gather, sort and present news on any and all topics, leading to better intelligence gathering and possibly greater site traffic.

The judge’s panel listens to the pitches.

Fourth is a unique water generation system serving drought stricken areas. This company has several million in projects in the pipeline.

Last, a company will describe its new disease prevention medical device, generating sales at a rapid pace.  This company’s CEO gave Investors a 15X return on his last project.

John Morris offers feedback to an entrepreneur.

The capital sources panel that will listen to these pitches is made up of individuals representing funds and angel investor groups.  Over 500 investors, are, through these representatives, kept in the loop:

• Michael Donahue, President, Columbia Capital Securities.This investment banker raises $5 million to $100 million for growing firms.

• Greg Cullen, Managing Director, Harvard Investment Group. HIG invests $50K to several million $ in startups and real estate deals.

An entrepreneur receives feedback while GCC chair David Newman, in background, moderates the discussion.

• Richard Morganstern, past president, Tech Coast Angels-LA.  Tech Coast Angels is the largest angel network in US with 300 Members.  TCA has invested over $180 million in over 300 companies.

• Gene Massey, CEO. MediaShares and QwikShares.  Massey offers crowdfunding solutions through online stock offerings.

• Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California.  HBS Angels have 18 Chapters in USA, Europe, China & India.

• Rob Vickery, Founder, Stage Venture Partners.  This seed-stage venture fund focuses on SaaS and B2B Enterprise Software.

• Chris Wadden, Chairman, Pasadena Angels, with 100 Members. PA has invested over $65 million in over 175 companies.

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