Elon Musk Calls Brentwood Meeting to Address Tunneling

On May 17, Elon Musk, scientist, engineer, and would-be modifier of the L.A. public transit system, called a meeting to address the concerns of Brentwood citizens regarding his massive underground tunneling project.

Musk’s company The Boring Co., which promises to create a low-cost alternative to traffic by creating underground tunnels from downtown Los Angeles to the west side, is calling the system “The Loop.” According to ABC news, the Loop is “composed of all-electric pods transporting 16 passengers at a time to and from parking-spot sized stations.”

“You won’t hear us. You won’t see us. You won’t feel us. You won’t even know we even exist,” Steve Davis, a Boring Company engineer, told ABC. Since Brentwood citizens have already filed two separate lawsuits, Musk knows he’ll have to do a lot to calm the nerves of Brentwood residents before the regulatory approval comes through for building.