Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations

Hot Flash with Barbara Bishop| I have new favorite vibrator. It’s not what you think! It’s a cool way to help lose weight, become more flexible and heal injuries quicker. It’s called the Power Plate.

The Power Plate is a medical grade device that utilizes harmonic vibration. That means these plates are always moving three directions at once: left to right, front to back, up and down. The vibration activates your muscle reflexes, and during workout classes, muscles are contracting 30 to 40 times per second. There are many benefits: I copied the list from the web site.

• Strength and Power


• Muscle toning

• Increases endurance

• Increases metabolic demand

• Increases serotonin

• Increases bone density

• Cellulite and Recovery

• Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system

• Decreases cortisol levels

• Increases HGH

• Creates lymphatic flush

• Range of Motion

• Increased flexibility

• Improved muscle communication

• Increased balance and coordination

Recently, I have been looking for alternative ways to exercise, especially to gain strength and flexibility, so I can continue to cycle, hike, dance, and do yoga without being in pain.

A friend recommended the PlateFit class in Brentwood. I went to their website; here is how they describe it: “A high-intensity interval training workout done on individual Power Plate machines. Certified, motivational instructors guide you through a high-energy, music-centric work out. PlateFit will strengthen and build toned, lean resilient bodies. I’m there!

I ended up going to a half-hour cellulite and recovery class. To begin with, I was a little late. I was ushered over to one of the machines, and fell in line with what the class was doing. I turned on the machine. It vibrated my whole body. The first part was stretching. I was standing on the vibrating platform and lifting my leg to stretch. A little weird, but it felt good.

Then we moved to massage. The power was turned up. We were instructed to lay down on a mat in front of the machine, with our legs and butt on top of the machine – attractive. The vibration was awesome; I could have stayed there all day. Bye-bye cellulite!

Then, still sitting on the vibrating disc, we did a cross over stretch with our legs. This one I need to do a few more times; I fell off at least once. Lucky I was close to the ground. But the next day, my back felt looser and my legs felt lighter.

I will continue with this and other PlateFit classes; It felt good, and has so many benefits. I just need to learn not to fall off.