Growth Capital Conference: Thursday, Oct. 26

Growth Capital Conference returns to the Olympic Collection this Thursday, October 26, giving attendees the opportunity to meet up-and-coming entrepreneurs who will explain their startups.

Here are the deals that will be showcased this Thursday:

Event chairman David Newman congratulates Steve Monson on a strong presentation. Monson is CEO of GreenCloud, a company that helps utility companies introduce renewable energy forms into their power grids.

1) A company that makes wearable high-tech eyewear, which already has strong sales to military and civilian markets.


2) An e-Health platform that provides anti-pain benefits.  The site already has 250,000 subscribers.

Mark Schwartz, chair emeritus of Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California, critiques one of the presentations made at the last Growth Capital Conference.

3) A company that provides cyber-security to small and medium-sized businesses at low cost. This company has some major high-tech companies as sponsors.

4) A fashion-tech brand in telecommunications that produces stylish protective covers for smartphones.  Several major outlets are carrying the line.

5) An artificial intelligence system that manages ubiquitous industrial processes.  This system helps operators save millions while improving functionality.

The breakfast is always more than ample.

6) A revolutionary customer interface system serving a fast-growing retail segment (and that has sales in 15 states so far).

Alan Stone of discusses “”, an app that helps young women pick and buy clothes, with SelfieStyler CEO Christian Ruth.

The entrepreneurs heading up these companies will get seven minutes each to make their pitch to a panel of judges who represent major sources of capital.  Collectively, these judges represent over 400 investors.

The judges:

  • Michael Donahue, President, Columbia Capital Securities. This investment banker raises $5 million to $100 million for growing firms.

    The judges’ panel. GCC has been using a “Shark Tank”-like format since long before there was Shark Tank.
  • Greg Cullen, Managing Director, Harvard Investment Group. HIG invests $50K to several million in startups and real estate.
  • Don Kasle, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels. Tech Coast Angels is LA’s largest angel network in US, with 300 members.  TCA has invested over $180 million in over 300 companies.
  • Gene Massey, CEO. MediaShares and QwikShares. Massey offers crowdfunding solutions through online stock offerings.

    Lynn Matallana, right, is gearing up to raise money for her startup, Community Health Focus, and wanted to get some pointers at the most recent GCC meeting, which is held the last Thursday of every quarter.
  • Mark N. Schwartz, Chairman Emeritus, Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California.  HBS Angels have 18 Chapters in USA, Europe, China & India.
  • Chris Wadden, Chairman, Pasadena Angels, with 100 members. PA has invested over $65 million in over 175 companies.
Student interns help run the technology required to put on the presentations. PowerPoint is used predominantly and sometimes speakers need help finding the right slide.
Members of the audience listen to one of several seven-minute presentations. Chairman David Newman is ruthless when it comes to cutting off speakers who exceed their time limit. “Ask for the money,” he starts yelling.

Upon hearing the presentations, the judges will critique the presenters and offer advice to the entrepreneur that is intended to improve the entrepreneur’s chances of getting funding.

Sometimes, deals presented at GCC get funded by one or more of the groups represented by the judges.  There is a process involved; from first meeting to actual funding can take three to six months

Breakfast starts at 7 a.m. and presentations begin at 7:30 a.m.  The event wraps up at 10 a.m.

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