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The first actress I interviewed for my television show “Hollywood Beat” was the gorgeous Francine York. She had a long and productive career as a model and actress in film, television and commercials. She was also a pioneer in diet and nutrition, and a gourmet cook. Francine appeared in over 30 films and hundreds of TV shows, including “The King of Queens,” “Lois & Clark” and “Beverly Hills 90210.”

She starred in “Doll Squad” (the film that inspired “Charlie’s Angels”), and several productions alongside Jerry Lewis and Elvis Presley. Who could forget her as Venus de Milo in “Bewitched?” She was a rare beauty – inside and out.


Last week, we attended a memorial for Francine who passed away at the age of 80. The memorial was held at the Sportsman’s Lodge, where 200 friends and fans celebrated the life of this actress extraordinaire. The event was planned and executed by peppy author and actress Pepper Jay, who is also the co-trustee of Francine’s estate.

Among the celebrated guests were Jeff Rose (Paramount Pictures), award-winning actress Erin Gavin, comedian Barbara Brighton, PR Pro Edward Lozzi, and Public Affairs Director for the Department of Defense, David Biber.

We understand that Pepper and Fred Ascher are working to complete an autobiography of Francine’s life.

I’m certain we can all learn much from this ageless, hardworking and committed actress, who made a lasting impression on so many lives.

Performer Carole Gray and Sandra Costa at the Sorvino soiree.


We were pleased to attend an intimate boo-signing soirée at the ultra-modern Beverly Hills home of Dr. Eric and Lily Fugier. Planned by PR Professional, Roger Neal, the event honored great Italian-American actor Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”), and his beautiful wife, Dee Dee (Emmy Award-winning TV host). This attractive and extremely active couple celebrated the publication of their new Italian cookbook, “Pinot, Pasta and Parties.” Guests were treated to a gala assortment of Italian goodies, from meatballs to marinara, including special cocktails: Dee Dee’s Appalachia Magic and her Hollywood Star Martini. Appreciative hubby Paul said, “Dee Dee certainly has the bliss gene.”

Some of the attractive guests included actresses Lee Benton and Lee Purcell, film star James Wilde, the still lovely Jayne Kennedy, and music master Eddie Money.

As everyone knows, you cannot find a bad meal in Italy, and this book shows you how to live, love and entertain Italiano style.


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