Marcus Ajose to Lead Cast of Veterans in Original One-Act Play

U.S. Army Ranger Marcus Ajose leads a cast of veterans and civilians who share the stage, their experiences and talent in this original one-act play. Marcus recently appeared on “Shameless” and stars in the not-yet-released indie comedy film, “Being Black Enough.”
Writer/Director Bob Calderon, an activist in the 1970’s for the inclusion of arts in a special child’s life, developed a program using theatre as a means of healing children who ran the gamut from autistic to delinquent.
Meeting with veterans studying acting at the Strasberg Institute piqued Mr. Calderon’s interest regarding the effects of classes, rehearsal and performance on those with symptoms of PTSD.  Again, acting provided a valuable experience allowing veterans to confront recollections of flashbacks and nightmares, feelings of detachment, while strengthening their concentration and stirring their emotional numbness.