Revolution Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain to Be Renovated After Farewell Run

Roller Coaster Loops (Thinkstock).
Roller Coaster Loops (Thinkstock).
Renovations are underway for The Revolution roller coaster. (Thinkstock).

The Revolution roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain will have its farewell runs on Monday, then be updated and redubbed as The New Revolution in 2016, park officials announced today.

The New Revolution will have what park president Bonnie Weber called “the world’s first giant loop 90 feet high and 45 feet in diameter,” and travel as fast as 55 miles per hour on 3,457 feet of track in a two-minute ride.

The roller coaster will be repainted white and blue. Newly designed trains will be red, white and blue with a silver eagle hood adornment and be fitted with lap and calf bars. The elimination of shoulder harnesses will provide a smoother, sleeker ride experience with more air time, Weber said.


“We are thrilled that one of our signature coasters is getting the innovative ride updates that Six Flags is known for,” Weber said. “With the new trains and beautiful paint colors, The New Revolution is certain to be around for many more generations of coaster fans to enjoy.”

The Revolution was the world’s first 360-degree looping coaster when it opened on May 8, 1976 as the Great American Revolution in honor of the country’s bicentennial celebration. It has been ridden by more than 45 million people, according to Weber.