Skypanelsâ„¢: Bring Nature’s Beauty Indoors

 People are no longer angling for a corner office – they’re focused on keeping their job no matter in what environment they have to do it. But, cubicle life can be draining – just read Dilbert – and add to the stress the recession is already causing. We have an answer:Skypanelsâ„¢.

Since 2004 North Hollywood’s Skypanelsâ„¢ has been sprucing up the indoors via their line of decorative translucent panels. The easy-to-install panels fit into standard fluorescent ceiling fixtures and replace the dull and brittle standard florescent fair.

Useful for sprucing up the office atmosphere, they are also
therapeutic. “Having something beautiful and natural to look at look while the drill whirrs makes sitting in that dental chair less stressful†, said a dental-phobe whose Brentwood doctor employs the panels for this very reason.


Made from 100% acrylic with the images screen printed directly onto the panels, Skypanelsâ„¢ are built to last for up to 20 years under normal inside lighting conditions and for up to 10 years outdoors. Skypanelsâ„¢ are created with a protective layer of UV coating.

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