MOPLA – Month of Photography

MOPLAThe Lucie Foundation and the MONTH of PHOTOGRAPHY LA (MOPLA)
Opening Night Celebration of
Saturday April 4, 2009 6:30 pm, Frank Pictures Gallery, Bergamot Station
6 PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS – Opening 6-9PM, Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Pacific Design Center Blue Building
8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, LA 90069

The Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) kicks off a month of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and projections with a reception at the Frank Pictures Gallery at Bergamot Station, in Santa Monica, CA. The evening will include the first installment of a four-part Pro’jekt LA projection series and a photography exhibition by renowned photographer Alexandra Hedison at the Frank Pictures Gallery. MOPLA is an inclusive event that aims to inspire and engage the professional, enthusiast, emerging photB+ographer and collector, both young and seasoned. This month-long event aims to organize and galvanize the already thriving photography and art community in LA. MOPLA will showcase a vibrant display of talent in an array of photographic exhibitions. Both emerging and established photographers will be seen in conventional and non-traditional venues. These unique exhibitions have an ingrained sense of social impact while accurately reflecting the vision of the photographer.

“Under the umbrella of photography, we will unite a city that is known for it’s diversity but also for it’s disparity. Photography has the power to bring people together and for one month, I truly envision thousands of people inspired by MOPLA’s various offerings.†–Cat Jimenez


The visual and stimulating celebration of these artists and their work will be on display during tKlinko+Indranihe month of April. Below is a look into a few examples of the many exhibitions that MOPLA is bringing to our Los Angeles community next month:

The visually stimulating celebration of these artists and their work will be on display from April 7 through April 30, from 12:noon to 4PM, Monday through Thursday with the Official Opening Nite launching on April 4th.

The official opening night event inside Frank Pictures Gallery, ITHAKA, features the west coast premier of Los Angeles-based photographer, Alexandra Hedison’s large-format photographs of the North American temperate rain forest. “I see the forest as the physical embodiment of the unconscious space within. This work is not about trees. These images are not about the forest but about the process of discovery,†says Hedison. Concurrent with her photography career, Hedison also directs film and is an actress. She has appeared since 2006 as the character, Dylan, on Showtime’s The L Word.

Laurie Frank, owner of Frank Pictures Gallery stated, “I am thrilled to partner with the Month of Photography in their inaugural year. The ability to celebrate Alexandra’s images during the opening night of MOPLA illustrates the spirit of community implicit in the Lucie Foundation’s efforts.†Cat Jimenez, co-founder of the Month of Photography Los Angeles and Executive Director of the Lucie Foundation added, “The opening of MOPLA is a celebration of everything photographic in Los Angeles. Seeing some of the shining photo-stars illuminated at night during the 4 evening projections defines the unique creative spirit of the Los Angeles photo community. “Our aim is to make photography accessible to the public through both traditional and non-traditional platforms†, says MOPLA co-founder Hossein Farmani.

Here is a look into the key-hole of MOPLA’s programming:

Tim Mantoani, Behind Photographs (April 7, Pacific Design Center, Room B210, 6-9PM)

Shooting 20×24 Polaroids of famous photographers as they hold their most iconic pictures, this interesting layered concept both juxtaposes and celebrates the creation and its creator. It is a rare chance for the viewer to be influenced by the original photograph, the interpretation of the artist himself as well as the combination of these elements forming the final photography itself. These photographs tell a story completely unique in is multifaceted layers and is a visual and mental pleasure for its appreciators. Tim Mantoani photographed over 150 individuals and MOPLA will be showcasing a specific sampling of this tremendous project.

Photo District News, Emerging 30 Show (April 7, Pacific Design Center, Room B222, 6-9PM)

Photo District News published their annual March issue that features the tenth class of 30 new and emerging photographers. PDN states their three goals for ‘PDN’s 2009: 30’ is, “To provide emerging artists with a sorely needed venue to exhibit their images, to create a reliable resource for the photo community to seek out these talents, and to engage other aspiring photographers in thinking about what it takes to succeed in this profession.†This exhibition will showcase the work of these 30 up-and-coming photographers and will help to achieve and progress PDN’s mission in supporting this fresh and exciting talent.

B+, GHOST NOTES (April 7, Pacific Design Center, Room B257, 6-9PM)
Seeing the rare and lost 45’s as a living museum of our music, B+ finds that looking through these images can be a similar experience to listening to the echoes in between the beats of music. GHOST NOTES relies, in its basic construction, on ten years of consistent beat digging. It is littered with narratives within and around the subject. As opposed to ten years of photographs of hip hop, this is ten years of hip-hop photography. B+ plans to attend this evening.

Mark Edward Harris, The AXIS OF EVIL (Inside North Korea, Inside Iran) (April 7, Pacific Design Center, Room B222, 6-9PM)
Mark Edward Harris, whose photo essays, “are driven by a fascination with history and international politics†, create a visual portal into the culture and landscape of specifically, Iran and North Korea. Harris says, “I consider myself a student of history and incredibly fortunate to get up close and personal to the places that are in the news today and the history books tomorrow.†This exhibit will honor and expose the honest and exquisite nature of these places and people we rarely have the chance to see in this light. Mark plans to be in attendance.

John Delaney, GOLDEN EAGLE HUNTERS of MONGOLIA (April 7, Pacific Design Center, Room B222, 6-9PM)
John Delaney’s series “The Golden Eagle Hunters of Mongolia†has garnered him the prestigious International Photography Awards 2008 Discovery of the Year.Delaney’s ongoing project is documenting these remarkable people before their traditions are lost forever. Delaney states, “With classic large format B&W portraits, I’ve tried to capture their pride and nobility. In the mountains, on horseback, I shot medium format B&W and color film to document the hunt and the vast beauty of Mongolia. The nomads warmly welcomed me and to then I am grateful. I am also honored to have observed their way of life in such an intimate and personal manner and hope my images do their traditions justice.â€

Jim McHugh, Remarkable: Places + Faces (April 7,Pacific Design Center, Room B208, 6-9PM)

Known for his recent Polaroid images of Los Angeles, Jim McHugh has been photographing common things in an uncommon manner for over thirty years. This collection of his work spans Europe, Asia as well as America and reflects the varied and changing threads of the photographer’s ever altering life. This year his “Las Palmas Hotel- Hollywood” was acquired by the George Eastman House for their permanent collection in Rochester, N.Y.

About the Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA)
MOPLA’s two-fold mission is to advance dynamic programming designed to engage and stimulate the photography community, as well as to present a comprehensive resource of exhibitions and events in April 2009. MOPLA is organized by the LUCIE FOUNDATION, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the celebration of photography.

About the Lucie Foundation
The Lucie Foundation’s three fold mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent and to celebrate the appreciation of photography worldwide. The photography communities from countries around the globe pay tribute to the year’s most outstanding photographic achievements at the annual Lucie Awards ceremony. The Lucies recognize men and women whose life’s work in photography merits the highest acclaim by their peers. The winners of IPA Photographer of the Year, the Discovery of the Year and Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year are announced at the Lucies and are awarded cash prizes and statues. The Lucie Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation.