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Sweet on Kristin Davis of Sweet Davis

Kristin Davis of Sweet DavisSweet Davis, which consists of Kristin Davis (vocals), Pete Davis (drums) and Matt Ascione (bass and guitar), is a mix of pop-oriented alternative rock fused with country riffs, melodious refrains and haunting vocals. The trio, who has just released their latest EP “Bittersweet,†is taking a unique approach on their indie music path, the likes of which is garnering the southern-flavored band some phenomenal buzz.

Releasing individual songs digitally and effectively utilizing social media sources for promotion—as they work their way through to producing enough material for a CD and a hoped for 2012 USA tour—the band has been able to win the attention of some of the best country DJ’s in the biz. For example, the songs, “Too Shy,†“Sparks†and “Ready†are in steady rotation and have been championed by DJ Jody Dickey on her http://radio.musiciansmusic.net/ internet radio show and by WTCS DJ TJ McKay at www.tcscountryshoebox.com. Because the songs reach a wide demographic they have also been embraced by alternative indie rock stations and played on DJ Mark Steven’s Eye Rocks Radio Show. I had the chance to ask Kristin Davis about the genesis of her songs and how the band got started as she was driving across the beautiful Virginia countryside.

It was a musical household. “Pete, being the drummer, didn’t want to lug his equipment around so our house became the rehearsal spot,†Kristin Davis recalled of her somewhat accidental entry into a musical career with her brother. One night the Davis home was host to a party cum rehearsal when the singer didn’t show up. Davis, who had participating in the festivities, took the microphone on a whim, and stunned all with the beauty of her voice. This led to numerous gigs and the current line up with Matt Ascione—a good friend of thSweet Davise siblings—completing the trio with his bass and guitar talent.

“Too Shy†is Davis’ reflection on her high school social life—or lack thereof; “I never had a boyfriend in high school I always had a wall up so I didn’t think that guys could really get to know me,†she reflects. “Performing helped me gain confidence. When you’re playing an instrument most people don’t notice when you make a mistake but hit a wrong note when you’re singing and you have to play it off as if you meant to do it! And since no one is perfect, I’ve had to develop the skills to pull off the occasional slip up.†The experiences made Davis more resilient.

Like most artists, Davis mines her life for material about which to sing. “I have a lyric book I carry with me all of the time. To write things down is like a release and I’ll never rip any of the pages out even the ones about bad experiences. Once or twice a year I’ll look over my old lyric books and remind myself where I was so I can appreciate where I am now,†says Davis laughing.

“Ready†is a song about one of the dark places from which she’s moved on, “I was in long term relationship and we’d moved to the Middle East for his job. I didn’t want to go and I just felt I should relocate to give it one more try but as soon as I got there it was apparent I shouldn’t have gone.â€

Since then her life and lyrics have become more positive as reflected in “Sparks.†“I’m just in a much better place now and I think that is evident in this new tune, which is about hope and being excited about the future, but no matter where it goes it’s been a fun journey,†say Davis with an obvious smile in her voice.

Sweet Davis’ journey will likely include a cover of a country song, “We’re looking around for one we can make our own,†says Davis. Thankfully for fans, recording more multi-genre songs are planned for the near future.

For more information: www.sweetdavis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Davis/139413803042
Reverb Nation: www.reverbnation.com/sweetdavis

Sweet on Kristin Davis of Sweet Davis Reviewed by on . Sweet Davis, which consists of Kristin Davis (vocals), Pete Davis (drums) and Matt Ascione (bass and guitar), is a mix of pop-oriented alternative rock fused wi Sweet Davis, which consists of Kristin Davis (vocals), Pete Davis (drums) and Matt Ascione (bass and guitar), is a mix of pop-oriented alternative rock fused wi Rating:
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